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AirHawk Relief Cruiser Seat Pad


This strategically designed cushion has a cutout area that runs throughout the center of the cushion from front to back that allows for 3 points of no contact:tailbone, prostate and scrotum. The tailbone relief area has tapered transition for increased comfort. The front cutaway allows for no contact on the scrotum as well we improved fit on the bike. Redesigned cell geometry improves airflow under the rider: NO HOT SEAT! This cushion is designed not only for maximum comfort, but also addresses issues of prostatitis, general discomfort in the sacrum and coccyx, as well as under the prostate and scrotum. read more Brand:


Original price was: $159.99.Current price is: $115.99.


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Original price was: $159.99.Current price is: $115.99.


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* Center cutout area runs from front to back of cushion
* Re-designed cell geometry improves airflow under the rider: No hot seat
* Back cutaway allows for a tail bone relief area with a tapered transition for increased comfort
* Cushion comes standard with cover, attachment loops, and cruiser straps
* Cushion material: Polyurethane
* Cover material: stretch polyester material top cover, side panels are 3-layer knit polyester providing air circulation
* Fluid-proof, non-skid base is easy to clean and durable Manufacturer Part Numbers and Dimensions
* FA-CRUISER-RSM – Small – 11″ Wide x 11″ Deep
* FA-CRUISR-R-RVB – Large – 14 1/2 ” Wide x 14″ Deep

Note: Before purchasing this item, take note of each size’s dimensions (S: 11″ Wide x 11″ Deep; L:14 1/2 ” Wide x 14″ Deep) to best determine which size is best suited to your needs.

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