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Services While You Wait, Shut The Front Door

We are the only one-stop-shop in the area that offers in-house services while you wait. While most of our services are first come first serve, feel free to contact us to schedule service for your ride. We know time is not easy to find, so we are happy to help get your ride ready for the road. Safety is our top priority, then comes the friendly service and bike talk.

Tires & Brakes Service

Many people don’t know that motorcycle tires aren’t designed to last as long as car tires. You need that grip to stay on your bike. That’s why we’ve been called the “King of Tires” for 50 years now.

Brakes are so critical to a motorcyclist’s safety, yet many riders take them for granted until something goes wrong. Don’t risk a crash. Brakes should be inspected regularly according to the factory maintenance schedule. If you notice that your brakes aren’t stopping as well as they used to, make unusual noises, pulse, or the lever is soft and spongy (or brake fluid is being lost) it’s passed the time for service.

Oil Changes & Service

Although it’s important to check engine oil level in a regular basis, it’s also very important to keep your motorcycle engine happy by using the correct motor oil and by checking if the oil inside the engine is still in good condition. Even though every motorcycle manufacturer tells you when you should change the oil, and that might happen at every 5000 km to 15000 km depending on the motorcycle, there are other things you can be aware of that might tell you to change oil. Remember that every time you do an oil change, you should also change the oil filter so it doesn’t contaminate the fresh oil you’ll put in the engine.

Safety Inspection Service

Whether you’re an experienced rider or a novice with their first two-wheeler, a motorcycle accident can’t be predicted, and are often catastrophic for the rider. Motorcycle laws are in place to address rider and motorcycle safety as well as decrease injury risks.

Our experts will go through your ride with a fine tooth comb to make sure that when you ride away from our shop, that ride always exceeds the safety regulations set out in inspections. You can always buy nother bike, but there is only one of you. We’re here to make sure that you understand what needs to be fixed, replaced, or even removed in order to make sure your ride is safe to take down the road.